Mini Mani


O.P.I. is a leader in the high-end drugstore nail polish industry. Now Jaaks Pacific, makers of the popular Winx Club dolls, have introduced a series of playset for girls called Miworld. Each playset represents a brand-name retailer. In addition to O.P.I. you can buy a miniature Dairy Queen, Sprinkles Cupcake Cafe, Claire’s Boutique, and Sweet Factory. The playsets all link together to create a mini-mall of your very own.

The O.P.I. playset is adorable. It’s more in the scale of dollhouse furniture, so Barbie would definitely be too large for it. But action figures, mini Blythe dolls, or other small-scale toys would fit well. It comes with a manicure table, tools, a heat lamp, a pedicure station, and an adorable display of miniature nail polish bottles. You can also buy a pack of real O.P.I. mini nail polishes, so your child (or you!) can do your own nails too.


I’m a sucker for miniatures, and I almost bought this when I saw it at my local WalMart. I also really like the Claire’s Boutique. The Miworld playsets can be purchased online or at major retailers such as Target, WalMart, and Toys R Us.


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