Boston Red Lips

photo courtesy of BostonMints

I love a good lip gloss. I’m not really comfortable in lipstick unless it’s for a special occasion. But if I don’t have time to put on anything else in the morning, I always find a few seconds to swipe on lip gloss before I run out the door. Failing that, I can throw on some gloss on the bus from the several tubes I keep in a small cosmetics bag in my purse.

Recently I was given samples of a new lip gloss to try. The fact that it’s homegrown in Boston made it that much more intriguing. BostonMints is not candy, despite the name. It is in fact a new line of creamy, minty-flavored lip glosses. They were created as a custom lip cosmetic for use under the punishing lights of photo shoots. Boston-area make-up artist Joanne Ilacqua shared the lip gloss with models she had worked with, and word spread. Joanne sold her BostonMints lip gloss in-person, then in stores and at her spa. Now they are available online.


BostonMints come in 12 shades – some sheers, some shimmers – and each one named after a New England destination, such as “Swan Boat” or “Newberry Street.” They contain vitamins C and E, aloe vera, and essential oils like Spearmint. Each gloss comes in a full size as well as a handy purse size. Joanne, the founder, kindly sent me two shades: a full-sized tube of “Scarlet Letter,” which is a warm shimmer/shine in a zesty orange shade, and a purse-sized tube of “Go Sox,” a warm sheer in a true red shade.

best glosses

Scarlet Letter (top), Go Sox (bottom)

Scarlet Letter (top), Go Sox (bottom)

To be honest, both colors frightened me at first. The reason why I don’t wear lipstick is because the color is too concentrated for my comfort level. When I saw the vivid hues of these glosses, I was afraid they would be too bright. But upon application, the colors are actually very creamy but sheer. In a word, wearable. In particular, I thought “Go Sox” would be too red to be flattering on me. But it goes on a sheer, pretty pinkish red that would be flattering for all skin tones.

best red

“Scarlet Letter” is a true orange, so if you’re not into orange, then it might not be for you. But orange is big this spring (MAC just came out with an all-orange makeup line in collaboration with the orange-haired Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, so there you go). “Scarlet Letter” is the perfect coral to perk up my complexion this spring.

best orange

Both shades are rich and creamy and have staying power. They live up to their name in that they taste minty, but they are also moisturizing. My lips feel soft when I wear them. I am already thinking about which of the remaining 10 colors I want to try next!

BostonMints lip glosses are available online at

And in light of the recent tragic events in Boston, I am posting a link to the official foundation that has been established to help the victims and their families. If you wish to donate, please visit The One Fund Boston. Thank you.


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