In Search of the Perfect BB Cream – Part Two

Yesterday I reviewed the first three of six BB creams that I’ve tried in my search for the perfect one. I bet you didn’t get any sleep last night wondering which one is my favorite. Did you? And no, I didn’t dream about BB creams last night!

After having little luck with Western BB creams, I decided to give the Korean BB creams a try. So I turned to eBay. My first one was Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream ($13.15 for 60 g. from sing-sing-girl).


I was a little apprehensive about ordering a product from overseas, but my BB cream came from South Korea to the United States in 10 days. The Etude House BB Cream has an SPF of 30 and comes in four shades: No. 2 Light Beige, W13 Natural Beige, W15 Sand Beige, and W24 Honey Beige. I chose No. 2 Light Beige. The shade looks a little gray at first, as I’ve heard many Korean BB creams do, but it dries down to become a good match for my complexion, and I love the coverage. It looks natural but gives my skin some much-needed ummph.

When I purchased the Etude House BB cream I also purchased the Holika Holika Petit BB Cream #01 Essential ($5.99 for 30 ml. from rubyruby76). It arrived from South Korea in 12 days.


The Holika Holika BB cream was by far the least expensive of the BB creams I’ve tried, but it comes in a much smaller tube. It looks more grey than the Etude House when coming out of the tube, and while, like the Etude House, it settles down to match my skin tone more, it retains a cast that makes me look a little ashen and washed out. It looked better when I applied my MAC Blotting Powder over it. But the Holika Holika BB cream has a fragrance to it, which is a little too strong for something I’m putting on my face. While I like the coverage very much, it’s too ashen and greyish for my skin tone.

While I was waiting for my two BB creams to arrive from South Korea, I stumbled upon Hard Candy CC Correction Creme ($8 at Walmart). Being the obsessive beauty product junkie that I am, I purchased it even though I had just ordered two BB creams from overseas!


The Hard Candy CC Creme comes in four shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. Early reviews of the Hard Candy CC Creme online complained about how the shades were too dark for the names they were given. In response, Hard Candy created a lighter shade, which they now call “Fair,” and renamed the older “Fair” shade “Light.” The photo above shows the old lineup, with “Fair” being darker than “Light.” I purchased the lightest shade, “Fair,” and while it looks a little dark when I first squeeze it out of the tube, it blends in to my skin to come very close to matching it. When I look in the mirror I think it might be just a tad too dark, but it’s probably not noticeable to other people, so I can live with it. It provides excellent coverage and makes my complexion look great. The only downside is that is only has an SPF of 15 – the lowest of all the creams I’ve tried. But for $8, this cream is a little powerhouse.

So after trying six creams over the past several months, I’ve narrowed it down to two finalists: Etude House and Hard Candy. Etude House won by a hair. The color blends just a little better into my skin, and it has twice the SPF of the Hard Candy CC cream. I wear the Etude House every day, but I haven’t discarded the Hard Candy. It’s easier to obtain so it could fill in when I run out of Etude House. If you’re reluctant to buy BB cream from overseas sellers on eBay, I’ve since found a company based in Portland, OR, that imports and sells Korean beauty products. It’s called Pretty and Cute. Their prices are a little higher than what I paid on eBay, but they ship from the United States, and you’ll be in Kawaii heaven as you browse their extensive selection of Asian makeup and skin care products.

Have you tried BB and CC creams? What’s your favorite?


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