CK Wonderful


A couple of weeks ago on a trip to my local Ulta with my sister, I discovered CK One Color, the new line of color cosmetics by Calvin Klein. If I recall correctly, I think this is the third time Calvin Klein has launched a makeup line – the previous times being once in the ’80s and once in the ’90s (if anyone knows for certain, please let me know!). Anyhoo, this new collection looks very impressive, with a huge selection of foundation, lipstick, eye liners, mascaras, blushes, and eyeshadows. After browsing the rest of the store I ended up at the CK One Color display, only to find that my sister beat me to it and had already purchased something – a Mascara (below, $18) in Trip, a violet shade. The sales associate who helped my sister, who was Ulta’s CK One Color associate, immediately descended on me. I wanted to get the mascara in brown, but they were sold out. For some reason the sales associate kept trying to push the black mascara on me, but I didn’t want it. My sister later told me that the associate had tried to push the black mascara on her, too. So I also purchased the violet shade. The CK One Color mascara has an adjustable wand. Twist the end cap one way and the wand is thin and straight for definition. Twist it again and it contracts and twists into a fatter, spiraled wand for volume. When I first tried the mascara one morning before work, I applied one coat with the thinner wand. MEH! I was not impressed. It didn’t make my lashes look any longer, it just coated them a pretty electric violet shade – so 80s! However, when I applied the second coat with the thinner wand, BOOM! My lashes immediately grew longer. And when I twisted the wand for a third coat with the spiral wand, ZOWIE! My lashes became fuller. Now I had lashes to die for. And the mascara lasted all day at work without flaking. I’m actually very pleased with it.


The violet mascara was the only CK One Color item I purchased that day. Everything else that I wanted was sold out. Surprisingly, the Brow Pencil and Gel Duo ($22) in Foxy Redhead was sold out. Really? A shade just for redheads (all three of us) and it’s sold out?! The sales associate grabbed the brown one to try to convince me to try it, but I wasn’t interested. I know a girl’s gotta make a sale, but it kind of annoyed me. If a cosmetics company makes a shade for redheads, which is very rare among cosmetics companies, then why would I want to try the brunette shade? Also sold out was the Eyeliner Marker ($17) in Good Girl, a chocolate brown. The sales associate informed me that the following week Ulta was having a CK One event, so they would be getting in plenty of stock for it. Like the true cosmetic junkies we are, my sister and I went back to Ulta the following week.


True to the associate’s word, Ulta had gotten in a fresh supply of CK One Color products for the “event.” I expected a large crowd of people at the CK One display, or at least a little bit of fanfare. But there was none. I was, however, able to purchase the items I wanted. I loved the violet mascara so much that I purchased the brown shade, called Attract, though for some reason the sales associate again tried to push the black mascara on me. I also bought the Foxy Redhead brow pencil and duo (above). This pencil has a soft, slanted tip and is in a retractable tube. This allows me to create a more natural-looking brow than I can with traditional brow pencils, which are harder. It also means it’s self-sharpening. The other end of the tube has a small wand with clear gel to apply over your eyebrows after you apply the color. Foxy Redhead (I love that name!) makes my eyebrows match my hair, as they naturally aren’t as red. As with the mascara, my eyebrows retained their color all day. Another winner.


I also purchased the Eyeliner Marker in Good Girl (above). As with all the felt-tip eyeliner markers I’ve tried, this one hurts a little when I apply it. I think these types of products are good for younger eyelids, not crepey, hooded eyelids like mine. However, a little bit of pain is worth it for the results I get with it. I’m kind of hopeless with eyeliners, so using a felt-tip marker is my favorite way of lining my eye. I use it on my upper lid only, and if I’m feeling daring I can wing it out at the sides for a little bit of retro glam. It lasted almost all day, with only a little fading. My eyelids get oily, and often eyeshadows and liners don’t last all day one me without creasing or fading, even so-called “long-lasting” ones. But my sister noticed when I got home from work that my eye makeup still looked good. So again, another keeper.

As part of the CK One Color event at Ulta, I received a deluxe sample of the CK One 3-in-1 Face Makeup – a serum, primer, and foundation in one. The cashier ringing up my purchase neglected to give me my sample, but the cashier next to her gave my sister hers. When I gently reminded my cashier about the gift, she didn’t know what I was talking about. She had to ask the cashier next to her, who showed her where the samples were. I received a sample in 003 – Sand, which is way too dark for my fair redheaded complexion. This cashier obviously wasn’t paying any attention and just grabbed any old shade. My sister received a sample in 001 – Porcelain. So I was annoyed at the lack of knowledge on the part of the Ulta cashier. But I’m very pleased with the quality of the new CK One Color line. I would definitely brave pushy sales people and less-than-knowledgeable cashiers to try more of the CK One Color line.

Have you tried any CK One Color products? Which ones do you like, or don’t like?

CK One Color is sold exclusively at Ulta, online and in stores.

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