When Hope Is Too Much


I’ve been using Philosophy products on and off for years, ever since the line first debuted in 1996. At that time I was battling chronic adult acne and I was using the original Hope in a Jar. But my skin has changed in the last few years. It’s become drier. Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar isn’t rich enough for me anymore. So I went to my local Nordstrom’s with the intention of trying the Hope In A Jar Therapeutic Moisturizer For Dry Sensitive Skin ($40). The sales associate took a jar off the shelf and rang me up. My total was $50 plus tax. I was surprised because I thought the HIAJ for Dry Skin was less expensive than that, but I thought maybe the price had gone up. It wasn’t until I got home with my purchase that I discovered that the sales associate had made a mistake. She grabbed the wrong jar of moisturizer. Instead of purchasing Hope In A Jar Therapeutic Moisturizer For Dry Sensitive Skin, I had purchased When Hope is Not Enough Replenishing Cream ($50). Rather than going back to the mall to exchange it, I decided to keep it. I’ve used about half a jar already, and I don’t think I will be purchasing it again.

When Hope is Not Enough Replenishing Cream is “An intensively emollient moisturizer designed to quench, protect, and restore even the driest of skin.” The consistency is like that of stale custard. It’s very thick, and I have to actually pinch a small piece of it to get it out of the jar. You’re supposed to warm it between your fingers so that it melts into an oil, and then press it into your skin, much like Creme de la Mer. Although this moisturizer is very highly rated on websites like Sephora and QVC, I personally find the method in which I have to apply it so inconvenient that I actually hate using it. Even though I warm it between my fingers like the directions say to, not all of it melts. I find I’m pressing the oil, plus little bits of undissolved “stale custard” into my face. Then some of it pills up and rolls off. It goes on very greasy, but it does absorb into my skin fairly quickly. However, I don’t notice any miraculous results, and I can’t stand the overwhelmingly floral fragrance. I was using WHINE as my nighttime moisturizer, with Take a Deep Breath (which I love) as my day cream. But if I go back to the Philosophy counter, next time I’ll purchase the Hope In A Jar Therapeutic Moisturizer For Dry Sensitive Skin and make sure I get the right one.

Have you ever purchased a product, only to find that you were given the wrong one?


“Hope in a Jar for Dry, Sensitive Skin” looks just like “When Hope is Not Enough.” Can you see how the sales associate made a mistake?


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