I Wish That I Was Archie’s Girl


Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Betty is sweet and innocent. Veronica is rich and spoiled. The Archie’s Girls Spring 2013 line of color cosmetics from MAC celebrates both girls. I read Archie comics when I was a kid. Heck, I was even a member of the Archie fan club (but we won’t go there). But when I discovered MAC’s newest collection dedicated to Betty and Veronica, I initially scoffed. Really, I thought, is MAC so hard-up for ideas for their limited edition collections that they’re turning to Archie comics? (The Wonder Woman line was bad enough). But when I saw their offerings of blush, lipglass, lipstick, and nail polish, I changed my tune faster than Archie changes his mind about which girl he’s in love with. Which begs the question: Which girl am I? The Betty collection features pretty shades of pink, peach, and coral. With shades like “Summer Sweetheart,” “Cream Soda,” and “Stay Sweet,” the line evokes the innocence of high school sweethearts. Veronica’s line, on the other hand, is pure vamp: deep reds, purples, and navy, with names like “Boyfriend Stealer,” “Double Trouble” and “Past Curfew.” The dark berry shades of Veronica’s “Feelin’ So Good” Lipglass and “Boyfriend Stealer” lipstick intimidated me. Let’s face it, I’m more of a Betty.



I purchased the Betty Powder Blush in Cream Soda ($22.00). It’s described as a “light neutral coral.” When I saw it I knew that it would be a great shade for redheads, but it would be the perfect shade to perk up any light-to-medium complexion.


I also purchased the Betty Lipglass in Summer Sweetheart ($16.50). It’s a light peachy nude color that pairs well with the Cream Soda blush.


The Betty lipstick in Oh Oh Oh looks brown in the photograph but it’s actually more of a plummy bronze. This is as vampy as Betty gets, yet for such a deep-looking shade, it applies like a sheer or semi-lipstick so it’s not overwhelming. It’s soft yet definitely “pops” to add color to an otherwise neutral palette. Once again, it’s a great shade for redheads, but would work well on almost anyone. Oh Oh Oh may quickly become my favorite MAC lipstick shade, so I’m kind of bummed that it’s a limited edition. It looks like a sheerer version of MAC’s O lipstick from their permanent line, which I may have to try when I run out of Oh Oh Oh.

The Archies’ Girl collection launched online in February and in stores earlier this month. It’s already selling out quickly, so if you want to explore your inner Betty or Veronica, run, don’t walk, to your nearest MAC store or counter. Go now!


“Yes, Archie, I’d love to go to the Prom with you.”


“What?!!! You’re taking Betty to the Prom?!!!”

2 Comments on “I Wish That I Was Archie’s Girl”

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love MAC’s Archie collection. Great colors and cute packaging.

    – KW

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