Something Short of a Miracle (But Just a Little)


Revitalift Miracle Blur by L’Oreal claims to be more than just a primer. It bills itself as a “first-of-its-kind Instant Skin Smoother” that “instantly erases the look of lines, wrinkles, and pores. Skin instantly looks and feels smooth, leaving a velvet soft matte finish that lasts all day.” Its “Opti-Blur Technology diffuses light on skin for a soft-focus effect that instantly smoothes lines and wrinkles, hides pores and minimizes little flaws and imperfections. In 4 weeks, wrinkles, lines and pores appear minimized. Skin texture appears smoother.” Opti-Blur Technology? Is that even a thing?

Miracle Blur is meant to be applied as the last step in one’s skin care regimen. If you want to wear foundation you apply it after Miracle Blur. I’ve only been using it for a week so far, not for the 4 weeks that the product claims it takes to minimize pores and wrinkles. While I can’t say that is “miraculously” blurs out imperfections in my face, I do notice it looks a little smoother, and my foundation goes on more smoothly as well. I’m keeping an eye on the “one” that I have between my eyes (I don’t have the “eleven,” just the “one”) to see if it appears diminished over time. MIiracle Blur does have a Broad Spectrum SPF of 30, which I like. And when worn under foundation, it makes my skin appear smoother and makes my foundation look better. I also feel it regulates the oil in my face, preventing it from getting shiny during the day. I could see myself purchasing it again, since I do like using a primer, and using one with a built-in SPF is a bonus for me. So far I’m pretty satisfied with it as a good base for makeup. All in all, it’s a good primer, just don’t expect miracles.

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