Jane Relaunches – Again

Jane, ca. 2000.

Jane Cosmetics were a staple of drugstore cosmetic aisles in the mid-90s to early 2000s. Then it kind of disappeared, only to resurface again in the mid-2000s. About a year or two ago, it disappeared again. Now Jane is back. Again.

The line, originally launched by Sassaby, was sold to Estee Lauder in 2004. Lauder in turn sold it to a private investor who launched new products in an attempt to turn the company around. But Jane filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Now the company is relaunching, with a limited selection of products. For now the products are only sold online at Jane’s website which launched this past July. Jane’s products will be sold in stores starting in January 2013.

Currently the company offers an eyeshadow palette, a lip gloss, a tinted moisturizer, a cream eyeshadow, a cream blush, a primer, eyeliner pencil, and a mascara. There are currently no full foundations, single powder eyeshadows, powder blushes, pressed powders, or lipsticks. The line has been greatly scaled-back from the 300 shades they offered in the Nineties. But according to their Facebook page, they will be introducing more products, and hopefully bringing back some old favorites. I was a big fan of their powder blush in the single-color round pots, and of their pressed powder. Could these items be returning soon to the lineup?

Prices are a little higher for the new collection than in the past. At their inception, their claim to fame was that no item cost over $3.00 – but back then the line was marketing itself primarily to teenaged girls. The second generation saw prices of about $6 or $7 and a more mature attitude. Their new line calls itself an “affordable pro-artistry brand,” and runs about $10 for each item. I have such fond memories of Jane products over the past decade or so. I would definitely invest in a few of their new items when they hit the shelves in January. I just hope they expand their line, as the current online offerings are a bit limited. But maybe that will come with time.


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