June MyGlam Review

Yesterday I received my first Glam Bag from MyGlam. I’ve been reading a lot of negative posts from bloggers about MyGlam (some of them call it MyScam). They’re complaining of glam bags that were never received, or items with sticker labels on them that when you peeled them off, revealed the tube to be from a different product. Nonetheless I took the plunge. I was pleasantly surprised by what I received.

    NYX Round Lipstick in “Georgia”
    philosophy take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer
    Living Proof (no frizz) Nourishing Style Cream
    Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen

First of all, the products do indeed come in a glam bag. Mine was a sparkly gold case. Sure, it’s inexpensive vinyl, but I could definitely use it for something else. This month’s theme is “Out All Night.” Although I only received four products, they were mostly full-sized or travel-sized.

Philosophy’s “Take a Deep Breath” is an oil-free energizing oxygen gel-cream moisturizer. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I like it, but I’m deciding whether it’s enough for my skin. I typically don’t like gel-creams because they’re not moisturizing enough for my dry skin. But it’s summer, and maybe I could do with a lighter moisturizer. When I used it last night it felt like I could have used a little more moisture, but when I woke up this morning my skin felt great. I will definitely use up this sample and decide if I want to buy the full size. I just might.

I also like the NYX lipstick. I’ve never tried a NYX product before, although I get a kick out of the fact that the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race receives a year’s supply of NYX cosmetics as one of the prizes. The lipstick is a full size, not a sample, and the shade is called “Georgia” – a shimmery pale pink. It’s pretty, but it reminds me of the shade of Lip Quencher lipstick my mom wore in the Seventies and Eighties before Chapstick discontinued them (I think the shade was Icicle Rose.). So it looks a little old-ladyish, but it feels super-moisturizing and lasted through my morning coffee. I might keep using it, and I would definitely try another shade of NYX Round Lipstick.

The Marbella Permanent Eye Liner pen is a black liquid pen eyeliner that seems pretty permanent. It’s also full-sized. I haven’t worn it yet, but I drew a line on my hand with it this morning. Then I washed my face as usual, and the liner was still there, just a little faded. That was five hours ago and I can still see it. I have no doubt that it will last all day when I wear it on my eyelid.

I have previously used No Frizz Straight-Making Style Treatment by Living Proof. I don’t know if their Nourishing Style Cream is the same product, but the No Frizz Straight-Making Style Treatment seems to have been replaced by the Nourishing style Cream on Living Proof’s website. The old name was a mouthful, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they simplified it. In any event, I was excited to get a generous sample of it. I use it more in the summer on humid, rainy days, as my hair becomes a frizzy mess in bad weather. This “sample” is 2 ounces, which Sephora used to sell as a travel-size.

June is the first month that I’ve received both a Birchbox and a Glam Bag. If I had to choose which one was better, I’d have to go with the Glam Bag. Although I received fewer samples, there were more full-sized or travel-sided items, and all of them were items I could actually use. These generous samples are well worth the $10 a month I pay for the subscription. Now all I have to do is wait for my Glossybox subscription to kick in, as I’m currently on their waiting list. Then I can truly determine which monthly sample beauty box is the best.

One Comment on “June MyGlam Review”

  1. Peace Love and Glitter says:

    I hated the glitter bag, they’re normally a small bag with a zipper. Mine smelled like a dead fish when I opened it 😦

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