June Birchbox Review

I received my June Birchbox yesterday. This month’s theme is “Jet Set.”

The Birchbox included a selection of summer vacation essentials. I received:

    Stila One-Step Bronze (full size)
    The Balm’s Stainiac
    Masqueology Pore-Minimizing Mask
    Two Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelettes
    John Varvatos Star USA cologne
    Tili bag

I’ll start with the Tili bag. Just like with the May Birchbox, this month’s box includes what I call a “throw-away” item. Last month it was a single Birchbox greeting card – a thin, cheap card with an uninspired graphic design. This month’s Tili bag is sort of the same. It’s literally like a fancy Ziploc bag with a cute graphic design. The card included with the box touts the bag as being the perfect bag to hold your TSA-approved travel-sized toiletries. I can see it being handy for that. At least this box included six items, so I see the Tili bag as being a bonus.

I’m also a little perturbed that this month included a sample of John Varvatos “Star USA” cologne, for the “Birchbox Man.” I didn’t order the Birchbox Man subscription, so why include a man’s item in the Birchbox Woman’s box? Birchbox included it for Father’s Day, but I just see it as an item in my Birchbox that I’ll never use. So that actually leaves me with only four items in my Birchbox that are really applicable.

I like the Stainiac. I’ve used other stains, like Benefit and Stila. To me they’re all the same, but I like them all, so this sample is definitely one that I’ll use.

I haven’t tried the Stila One-Step Bronze or the Comodynes towelettes. The Stila One-Step is a full-sized product that sells for $36 so I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth with this box. But it’s a bit repetitive. The May Birchbox included a full-sized Sparkle Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner by Stila, so it makes me wonder if Birchbox and Stila have some sort of exclusive arrangement. I’m hesitant to use bronzing items since I’m so pale that I’m afraid they might not look natural. Then again, I probably need bronzing items, since I’m usually as pale as a ghost, even in summer.

I’m looking forward to trying the Masqueology Pore-Minimizing mask tonight. I do have slightly large pores, so I’m anxious to see how effective it is.

Overall, I’d say June’s was a better Birchbox than May. I felt May had too many samples that couldn’t really be described as “deluxe,” i.e. they came in foil packets. But June’s box included more items that I would actually use. Heck, I might even find a use for the Tili bag. It is awfully cute.

8 Comments on “June Birchbox Review”

  1. boxmonthly says:

    Reblogged this on Boxmonthly's Blog and commented:
    June Birchbox Reviews are in. Why didn’t mine have the Cynthia Rowley bandaids? I just bought them in CVS 2 months ago and now they are out. I don’t understand how they decide who gets what.

  2. I think it has something to do with the profiles, although I see things that other people receive and think “Why didn’t I get that?” I didn’t get the Cynthia Rowley band-aids 😦 , which I would have preferred over the peel-off mask or the tan towelettes.

  3. boxmonthly says:

    It doesn’t all have to do with your profile, cause I’ve tried changing mine a few times. Do you get any other subscription boxes besides Birchbox?

    • I just received my first glam bag from Myglam. I liked the glam bag better. It had larger sample sizes, most were full sized, and they were all items I could use. Maybe they don’t really follow our profiles as strictly as we think.

  4. boxmonthly says:

    And also I love the name, Boston Red Lox. It’s really funny. Guess you’re not a Mets fan. (LOL)

    • Actually, I’m originally from Long Island and used to be a Yankees fan, but don’t tell anybody. The Yankees are known as the “Evil Empire” in New England!

      • boxmonthly says:

        that’s funny. I am from Long Island too. Now I’m in NYC. I like both teams. I went to B.U. for my first year of school and they yelled out dorm windows. Yankees suck, Red sox suck back and forth for hours.

        I have to check out Glam bag.

      • boxmonthly says:

        I started a new subscription box of beauty products and full size and also healthy treats.

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