B.B. Cream Gets B Minus

What’s the buzz with B.B. creams? They’re everywhere. They come in all price ranges, from drugstore brands to high-end department store lines. B.B creams claim to even out the skin tone and give a flawless look to the complexion. After seeing many high-end versions in Sephora, I opted for a more reasonably priced B.B. cream. I chose Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream ($12.99).

Garnier’s website explains that its B.B. cream is a “hybrid formula that offers advanced skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage in one single beauty product.” It sounds to me like a B.B. cream is nothing more than a glorified tinted moisturizer. Garnier claims that its B.B. cream “immediately and effectively fullfills your skincare expectations with just one multi-benefit product that combines intense moisturizing skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage for skin that looks naturally more even, radiant and smooth.” Again, it sounds like a tinted moisturizer. The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream comes in two shades: Light/Medium, and Medium/Deep. I chose Light/Medium. So what do I think of it?

First of all, the Garnier B.B. Cream has a very strong fragrance. I don’t think it’s necessary to add a fragrance to a product, but most drugstore and department store products do anyway. As for the coverage, it evens my skin tone out a little, but it doesn’t give me the “immediate skin-perfecting coverage” Garnier claims it will. And the Light/Medium shade is too dark for my very fair complexion. It makes me look like I have a suntan, on my face only.

For $12.99, the Garnier B.B. Cream would make a decent alterative to a pricier tinted moisturizer, because in my opinion, that’s all this B.B. Cream is. But it’s too overpoweringly fragranced and too dark a shade for me to wear. I’ll have to stick with my more-expensive-but-worth-every-penny Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer.

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