Beautymint – Day One

Yesterday my Beautymint kit arrived. I ordered it on March 23 and it only took 5 days to get from Los Angeles to Boston. I’ve used the system two times so far, so it hasn’t been long enough to write a full review, but I thought I’d let you know what I got, how to use it, etc.

My Beautymint kit came with the basic four-step system, the eye cream that you receive if you choose the five-step system, a booklet explaining all of the products, a welcome brochure, and my regimen card. When I placed my order the website was offering a special discount code to receive $20 off my first system, free shipping (normally $4.95), plus a free gift. The free gift turned out to be a compact with blotting tissues.

The blotting tissues come in a hard plastic compact. It looks like it should contain teeth-whitening strips, it’s so white and bright (plus the word “mint” is often associated with oral hygiene products). But the best part is that it opens up to reveal a mirror. Once I run out of the tissues I can keep it in my purse and use it when I apply lipstick. A nice design and a great free gift.

The four-piece system comes in a little bag that makes it perfect for travel. It’s kind of flimsy but handy nonetheless. I received a 2-ounce tube of Essential Cleanser with Aloe, a one-ounce bottle of Ultra Replenishing Serum with Marine Collagen, a .5-ounce bottle of Sculpting Treatment with Peptides, a .5-ounce tube of Renewing Moisturizer with Elastin, and a .25 ounce jar of Ultimate Eye Treatment with Shea Butter.

I received a regimen card that explains the order in which to use the products. My morning and evening regimen each consists of four steps. In the morning I use the cleanser, the Sculpting Treatment, the Replenishing Serum, and the Eye Treatment. In the evening I use the cleanser, the Replenishing Serum, the Renewing Moisturizer, and the Eye Treatment. I was surprised at how small the tubes and bottles are, but they are only a one-month supply. I was particularly worried about the moisturizer and the Sculpting Treatment (.5 oz. each), but my regimen card indicates that I only use the moisturizer and sculpting treatment once a day, so that may be why they’re smaller than the products that I use twice a day.

The cleanser’s description says that it’s a low-lathering cleanser. It’s a thin gel that really doesn’t foam at all. This makes me nervous, as I expect gel cleansers to have some foam. But it’s gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin. I haven’t used it with a full face of makeup yet, so I don’t know how good it is at removing makeup. The Sculpting Treatment feels a little tacky after I first apply it, but quickly absorbs into my skin. It’s supposed to fight lines and other signs of aging, but it’s too soon to tell if it’s working. The Replenishing Serum is used as a daytime moisturizer, and a nighttime serum. I’m afraid it might not be enough moisture for the daytime, particularly in colder weather, but I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF as my everyday foundation, so I’ll get the extra moisture, plus much-needed sunblock, from that. The Renewing Moisturizer might be my favorite product. Although I’m hesitant to use a generous amount until I see how long this tiny tube will last, it made my skin feel soft. And the Eye Treatment is rich without being runny so I don’t have to worry about it possibly causing breakouts or those weird hives that I get along my cheeks. The products contain natural ingredients such as acai, shea butter, and Hawaiian macadamia oil. They don’t contain any fragrance, and they are paraben-free.

The five-piece system, which includes the eye cream, costs $49.99 per month. That sounds kind of expensive, but when you break it down over five products, that comes to $10 for each product. In particular, the eye cream, even though it’s half the size of the industry standard .5 ounce size, costs $10, so it would be $20 if it was full size. Considering my beloved Eye Doctor by Origins has gone up to $32 for a .5 ounce jar, the Beautymint eye cream is a better value.

Between the brochure and the product booklet, there is still no explanation of what my “beauty sign” (363) means. I guess it’s Beautymint’s way of categorizing my skin to pick the appropriate product combination. I can’t really see any results yet, of course, but I did notice when I woke up this morning that my skin looked glowing and felt really soft. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a very optimistic sign that great results are yet to come. I’ll write another review one month from now when I’ve used up my first kit.

If you use Beautymint I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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