I have a lot of respect for Jessica Simpson. I used to think she was a dippy celebrity that had way too many “blonde moments,” thanks to her reality series with then-husband Nick Lachey (Chicken of the Sea – is it chicken or tuna?). But was it all just an act? Since leaving that television show (and Nick Lachey) behind, Jessica has proven that she is a smart businesswoman. I don’t own a single one of her albums, but I came this close to buying one of her handbags. I liked the Dessert Treats line of bath and body products that Sephora used to sell. My admiration for her increased after watching her VH-1 series “The Price of Beauty,” which explored the idea of beauty in different cultures throughout the world. And right now I’m obsessed with Fashion Star, the fashion designer reality show for which she is one of the judges. But I didn’t know she had her own skin care line until I watched The Biggest Loser. It was the episode where two of the contestants won a day of shopping with a celebrity. They weren’t told who it was. Could it be Tim Gunn? Clinton Kelly? It turned out to be none other than Jessica Simpson. But instead of hitting the spendy boutiques of Los Angeles like I thought they would, they went to Jessica’s design showroom. It was filled with racks of her clothes, bags, and other accessories. It was as if Jessica had her own boutique. And she told the contestants that they could pick out anything they wanted! (If it was me, I would have made a run for the handbags and never looked back). After picking the perfect outfits and accessories, the contestants were each gifted with a year’s supply of Beautymint skin care products.

Beautymint was launched last October as part of the “Mint” concept of celebrity and designer pairings by e-commerce company Beachmint. Stylemint is the monthly fashion t-shirt club by child stars-turned-fashion designers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Shoemint pairs actress Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez, in collaboration with shoe designer Steve Madden. Jewelmint is a jewelry club by Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. Beautymint is a collaboration between Jessica and Beverly Hills facialist Nerida Joy. Nerida Joy has 30 years of experience and is the facialist to many Hollywood celebrities. She also has her own high-end line of skin care products. Beautymint works like other skin care lines such as Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, and Principal Secret in that you sign up for their club and receive monthly shipments, which you can cancel at any time. Despite the horror stories I’ve heard about canceling auto-shipments in these clubs, I nevertheless took the Beautymint plunge. I ordered my first kit today.

When I registered at, I took Nerida Joy’s “personalized” consultation. It asks a series of detailed questions to determine which products are right for you. Then it recommends two options: the four-piece system for $39.99, or the five-piece system for $49.99. The five-piece system includes an eye cream, and includes free shipping on the first order (shipping on subsequent kits is $5). Since I believe in the importance of using eye cream, I opted for the five-piece system. But I didn’t pay $49.99. When I went to the Beautymint website, they were having a special promo code to receive $20 off my first purchase, as well as free shipping and a free gift (it didn’t say what the gift is). My personalized system consists of:

Essential Cleanser – a gentle, lightly foaming cleanser with aloe that is suitable for all skin types.

Ultra Replenishing Serum – a hydrating serum that contains 50% marine collagen to fight signs of aging.

Renewing Moisturizer – the richer of the two Beautymint moisturizers that contains elastin, jojoba esters, Hawaiian macadamia nut oil, and Vitamins C and E.

Sculpting Treatment – a serum containing peptides to help firm the skin, and anti-oxidant botanicals like acai and green tea.

Ultimate Eye Treatment – a rich eye cream with shea butter and avocado oil.

The Beautymint website is pretty impressive. As a member I get my own profile page, complete with my very own “Beautyscope” that gives me the weather and UV index for my area for the day, and tells me when I need to wear sunblock. Ironically, the moisturizer that Beautymint recommended does not contain sunscreen (the company does make one with an SPF of 15, other reviewers have tried it). It also gives me my own “beauty sign,” based on my answers to their skin care consultation, “plus other factors like your environment and lifestyle. Now, Nerida & Jessica can share beauty advice, insider tips and resources customized for you.” My beauty sign is 3.6.3., but I honestly don’t know what that means as there is no detailed explanation. Maybe the literature that accompanies each kit will explain it.

Also unclear is the flexibility of the Beautymint system. In browsing the Beautymint website, I didn’t see any options to order individual products, nor do I see any product listings to find out what their full range of products are. Do they offer supplemental products like a retinol treatment, or an exfoliator? Once I receive my first kit, will I receive a catalog of additional products to supplement my regimen? Or does being a member of the Beautymint club lock me into the four- or five-piece system, without the flexibility of adding other products? Once I’ve used up my first month’s supply of my Beautymint products I’ll write a full review.

I’m chomping at the bit to receive my kit, since I’m freaking out about the state of my complexion at the moment. It’s dull, uneven, and I’ve started breaking out in hives along my cheeks again, something my skin hasn’t done in over a year. Using products chosen for me on an individualized basis might be just what my skin needs. I’ll let you know how I make out.

Have you tried Beautymint? What are your thoughts?

Now I’m totally hooked on the “Mint” concept. After placing my order with Beautymint, I bought the Yves trio of stacking rings (below) from Jewelmint. They’re so steampunk, no? With Jewelmint you buy one “credit” each month for $30, and you redeem it for one piece of jewelry. You’ll be charged $30 each month for one credit, but you can choose to skip a month if you don’t want to purchase jewelry every month. Unlike skincare, which I would like to replenish every month, I won’t be buying a Jewelmint credit each month, but if I’m pleased with the quality of the ring I just ordered I wouldn’t rule out buying from them again. I’ll let you know how that goes, too.

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