Sheer Excitement

In April, Stella McCartney will launch Stella Summer Rose. I’m guessing it will be a permanent replacement for Sheer Stella, as the notes are the same: top notes are lemon and green apple; middle notes are rose and peony; base note is amber. Sheer Stella was the lighter, more floral incarnation of Stella, Stella McCartney’s eponymous fragrance. It was released each spring as a limited edition, and each year came dressed in a new bottle. Sheer Stella eliminated the musk notes that dominate Stella. Every year the formula changed a little bit, supposedly, although the versions from one year to the next always smelled the same to me. They all have the top note of rose, but tempered with notes of greens and other florals so it’s not an overwhelming rose fragrance.

Although it first appeared in 2004, I first got hooked on Sheer Stella after reading a review of it on A Touch of Blusher from April 15, 2007. I had previously tried the original Stella in Sephora, but I thought the musky notes in it were overwhelming. By contrast, I found the light floral emphasis in Sheer Stella to be delightfully refreshing. I managed to acquire the 2004 and 2006 Stella bottles, and purchased the 2007 when it was new. The next year I added the 2008 bottle. I stopped after 2008 because I had more bottles of Stella than I would use in a lifetime.

Now that it’s almost Spring, I long once again to feel the warmth in the air that signals the thaw after winter. I look for crocuses to poke their tiny little heads above the ground in that first tentative step towards emerging from their underground hibernation. Geesh – can you tell I’m sick of winter? Anyway, Sheer Stella hit the shelves every year at the same time that my beloved crocuses start popping up. It was the olfactory equivalent of Spring. Now that Sheer Summer Rose is replacing it, I won’t have to wait once a year to find it.

Sheer Stella 2011 used organic roses.

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