Going Back to Her Roots

I think Lindsay Lohan has been reading my blog. Not really! But three days after the Huffington Post wrote their open letter to her, it seems she took their advice to return to her roots, literally, in her attempted comback. The New York Post snapped Lindsay leaving a salon last week as a redhead again. She also ditched the bangs and the “Real Housewives”-style extensions that aged her way beyond her 25 years. After hosting Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago, it appears that Lindsay is sincere in her effort to establish her professional comeback and lose her reputation as a shoplifting, drunk-driving party girl. Too bad she was involved in yet another hit and run incident last night.

2 Comments on “Going Back to Her Roots”

  1. I saw a photo of her with the red hair. She looks much, much healthier with the red hari and lack of heavy pancake covering her freckels.

  2. I agree! With her sunglasses on, you would almost think she was a teenager again.

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