This Little Piggy

Still trying to relive my youth through vintage Avon products, I bought this cute little piggy on eBay. He’s full of Hawaiian White Ginger, which was introduced in 1965 and only discontinued within the past few years. As a child I thought HWG was overwhelmingly sweet. I didn’t wear it but my sister did. Hawaiian White Ginger reminds me of one particular Christmas when my mother bought it for me to give as a Kris Kringle gift in elementary school (unlike a Secret Santa, you know who you’re exchanging gifts with for a Kris Kringle). My mother always bought nice gifts for my sister and me to give for Kris Kringle presents. I guess word got out, because in third grade L.L., a girl that I didn’t even like (nobody liked her: she was difficult and didn’t get along with anybody) eagerly approached me and asked to be my Kris Kringle. Being the incredibly nice, incredibly gullible sucker that I was, I agreed. I gave L.L. a nice bottle of Hawaiian White Ginger. What did she give me? A plastic egg-shaped L’eggs pantyhose container filled with Bazooka bubble gum. It looked like she had put it together herself without telling her mom she needed a Kris Kringle gift. I felt like I had been taken advantage of. Looking back on it as an adult, I realize that perhaps her family didn’t have much money. However, my gut instinct still tells me what I suspected way back then: that L.L. was a jerk.


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