A Close Shave

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a brand ambassador for Tree Hut. As an ambassador, I receive samples of products that haven’t been released yet, and after using them, I give them my feedback. Recently I received two samples of their Moisturizing Shaving Cream. It will be available in two fragrances, Coffee and Cream, and Pink Grapefruit.

The Tree Hut Moisturizing Shaving Cream is a thick, glossy cream that has the consistency of a moisturizer. It’s not the whipped, airy consistency usually found with shaving creams that come in an aerosol can. The Tree Hut shaving cream will be packaged in a tube, so it’s better for the environment. I didn’t use it on my legs, but I used it on that unwanted facial hair that we all have (because, ladies, we do all have it, even if we’re reluctant to admit it). Usually, I take a razor and remove the hair when I’m washing my face in the morning. I either use soap or whatever cleanser I’m using on my face.

Using the Tree Hut shaving cream instead of soap or a facial cleanser made for a much more pleasant shaving experience. I got a smoother, closer shave, and my skin felt moisturized afterwards. And the packaging is so pretty that it looks like it should belong in the medicine cabinet amongst your skin care products (so your Significant Other won’t suspect you shave your face every morning). Both the Coffee and Cream and the Pink Grapefruit smell delicious, but my favorite is the Coffee and Cream. I would definitely purchase a tube of this when it’s released. Heck, I might even try it on my legs.

Tree Hut products are available at Ulta and Walmart.

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