Splurgeworthy: Dior Vernis

I finally picked up a bottle of Dior Vernis Garden Party nail polish in Forget-Me-Not (above). The Dior website describes it as a “flowerly lilac,” but to me it’s more of an “Easter Egg Purple.” Waterlily, the mint green color, was sold out in every store that I tried. It’s also sold out online. The Garden Party nail polishes are limited editions for spring. When the color is dry, the nail polish is supposed to smell like roses. The Dior Vernis nail polishes are usually $19, but the Garden Party colors are $23. Are the Garden Party polishes worth the extra $4 for the “intoxicating rose fragrance?”

The answer is “No.” The nail polish smelled faintly of roses, combined with the usual (and literally intoxicating) nail polish fragrance, as it was drying. But once it was completely dry, the rose fragrance was gone. I kind of knew that the fragrance was a gimmick, but I really liked the color. That being said, however, the Dior Vernis nail polishes in general are worth the $19-$23 for other reasons, even though the bottle is smaller than those of other brands of nail polish at .33 ounces. For one thing, the applicator brush is wider, flatter, and more tapered than standard nail polish brushes. This made for an easier, more accurate application.

But the main reason why I was so impressed with Dior Vernis is that it went for three whole days without chipping. I don’t mind telling you that I’ve purchased quite a few Chanel nail polishes, only to have them chip by the next day. My Dior Vernis manicure lasted a full week before it chipped to the point where I had to remove it.

The next time I decide to splurge on a department store nail polish, I’ll definitely try the Dior counter again. Now if only I could get my well-manicured talons on Waterlily.


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