I Lush You

Lush is introducing several new treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The Leap Frog Bath Bomb ($5.95) is a cute little fellow scented with jasmine, neroli and rosewood to create a sensual fragrance. He’ll stop the world and melt with you, but he won’t turn into a prince, even though it may be hard to resist the urge to kiss him (he’s already puckering up for you!).

The Love Potion Massage Bar ($7.95) includes the sweet and floral fragrances of carnation, rose, and apple blossom combined with the sensual oils of ylang ylang and jasmine. Use it to make this Valentine’s Day special.

A Million Kisses Lip Tint ($8.95) will paint your pout a deep, just-bitten red- perfect for that unforgettable Valentine’s kiss. It’s got an underlying blue tint to make your teeth look whiter, and it tastes of zesty lemons, sweet icing sugar and fragrant roses.

Not all of us are celebrating Valentine’s Day, however. If you’re just getting over a bad breakup, then the X Factor Bath Bomb ($4.95) may help you feel better. This little guy is blue (because he’s alone?) and comes with a heart, just waiting for you to break. He smells like vanilla and musk and will dissolve away all of your frustration and troubles. Oh, and chocolate helps too.

See Lush’s entire Valentine’s Day collection at www.lush.com.


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