Nuance by Salma Hayek Color Cosmetics

Over the past two weeks I’ve reviewed several skin care products from the Nuance Salma Hayek line. I finally tried some of her color cosmetics, and unfortunately, I’m not loving them as much as I love the skin care.

The Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation ($13.99) is a fairly lightweight pressed mineral foundation. Reviewers on Makeup Alley and don’t like it because they feel the coverage is non-existent. I found it to give light coverage, more like a finishing powder than a full-on foundation. But it made my skin feel tight and itchy, and look dry. I have this problem with most if not all of the mineral foundations I try, both loose and pressed. I guess I’ll have to stick to liquid foundations. But I’ll give it props in one department: color matching. With the two mineral foundations I have tried before, Pur Minerals and Bare Escentuals, I’m in between two shades. When I use the lighter shade, I look washed out, but when I buy the next shade up from there, I can see a line of demarcation at my jawline. I just can’t wear them. But the Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation in Light perfectly matches my skin tone. I might use it to quickly set my makeup with a light sweep every once in a while, but for now it’s ended up in the large pile of makeup on my dresser that I don’t use.

The Flawless Mineral Cheek Trio ($12.99) is also currently taking up space on my dresser. It’s a pressed mineral blush that comes with three shades: a blush, a highlighter, and a contour. I bought Apricot, which is a pretty peach color. I wish they just made single color blushes, as I can’t really use the highlighter and the contour. The highlighter is useless – it doesn’t show up when I apply it to the top of my cheekbone, and I’m not a contour girl – brown contour reminds me of the Disco era. When I blend all three colors together with a swipe of my blush brush, the color ends up looking like the solid blush color anyway, so the highlighter and the contour are redundant. And the color looks a little too powdery on my cheeks when I wear it.

The compacts are also too bulky. The yin/yang shape is very pretty, but it makes for a compact that’s too large to fit in my makeup bag with my other products. Given my experience with the Nuance Salma Hayek color cosmetics, I’m reluctant to try her other powder cosmetics, like her eyeshadow quads. But I might give her lipsticks and glosses a try. And I do have my eye on some of her bath and body products. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad.


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