Rockin’ Around the Clock

Bare Escentuals Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner is the company’s new eyeliner pencil. Unlike BE’s other pencils, this one isn’t retractable. You need to sharpen it with an eyeliner pencil sharpener, just like in the old days. But if that’s the price to pay for an eyeliner pencil that doesn’t smudge off by the end of the day, then I’m willing to put in a little extra elbow grease. And “Round the Clock” really does last longer than a traditional eyeliner pencil.

I purchased the “Round the Clock” eyeliner pencil in Midnight (i.e. black) as part of the “And Away We Glow” kit for Christmas 2011. It’s also included in the “R.S.V.P.” kit. Names like “Midnight” , “7PM,” and “Noon” support the “Round the Clock” theme. I wear my “Round the Clock” eyeliner in the waterline and on the upper lid, and it really does last all day. I’ve recently decided to wear black eyeliner instead of brown, but black can sometimes look overly dramatic, which is good if you’re going for the rocker chick look, but sometimes it can be too strong for daytime. Because of the consistency of the “Round the Clock” eyeliner, to make it waterproof, it’s a little harder than most eyeliner pencils. This makes for a line that is noticeable, but not too strong. Some people may want a stronger line, but I find it gives me the perfect balance between looking made up, but not looking too made up.

I don’t know if the collection will consist of twelve shades (one for each number on the clock), but the shades that I’ve found so far are:

    Midnight (black)
    Noon (deep navy)
    5PM (deep plum)
    7PM (rich brown)
    8PM (black coffee)
    10PM (burnished mocha)

The “Round the Clock” eyeliner isn’t yet for sale individually on the BE website. The copy for the “R.S.V.P.” kit on the BE website mentions that buying this kit is “a chance to get the eyeliner before it hits the shelves.” The “Round the Clock” eyeliner is included in the following BE kits:

    “And Away We Glow” in Midnight
    “R.S.V.P.” in 7PM
    “Puttin’ On the Glitz” in 5PM
    “Frill Seeker” – a mini Midnight

These holiday kits are currently on sale at many stores that carry Bare Escentuals, so if you want to get your hands on this eyeliner, snagging one of these kits is your best bet. Or you can find them on eBay, where many sellers who purchased these kits have divided them up to sell the items individually.

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