Cheeky Little Devil

We in New England have been really lucky this year. After the multiple snowstorms we had last year, we’ve had an unseasonably mild winter, and very little snow. Today was a balmy 57 degrees, and it really put me in the mood for spring. It’s always around springtime that I get on a Maybelline kick. I love it when drugstore brands unveil their new spring color collection, and I can always rely on Maybelline to have some fun and funky new items for spring. Having just purchased Baby Lips lip balm and Color Tattoo eyeshadow, it was obvious that the cheeks were the next part of my face on which to try a new spring Maybelline product. I purchased Maybelline’s new Dream Bouncy Blush ($7.99).

The Dream Bouncy Blush looks like the Bourjois domed powder blushes, but the consistency is kind of like a putty. It’s supposed to bounce back into shape after you use it (hence the name Dream Bouncy). I drag my finger lightly over it and apply it to my cheeks. I can see this product getting bent out of shape, literally, if you put your fingers in too deep, so use a light touch.

I purchased #60, “Coffee Cake.” It’s a bronzey peach color that I thought would look good with my red hair. On my cheeks, the color looks more like a pastel peach that reminds me of the Stila Convertible Color in “Gladiola.” It goes on very light – I would almost say it’s imperceptible, but it does give a pretty flush of color. I don’t want my blush to be too obvious, so this light flush is juuuuuuust right. I tried photographing a swatch on my hand, but it didn’t really show up, so I painted a swatch on a white piece of paper. It looks more true to the color in the pan against the white paper.

At $8 compared to the $25 I paid for the Stila Convertible Color, I think Dream Bouncy Blush is just as good. I can see it being my go-to cheek color for this spring.


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