Silver Wear

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Boston Red Lox is five years old today. I started it one cold wintery day after I was recently laid off from my job. While searching for jobs on the Internet, without luck, I discovered beauty blogs. They provided a pleasant distraction from the anxiety and frustration of being out of work. One beauty blog in particular impressed me so much that it inspired me to start my own. I have to give credit to – The Irish Beauty Blog for being such a grand, informative, and magical site. It transported me wholeheartedly into the world of beauty and makeup that I already loved so much. It is a world that can still distract me from the ups and downs of life.

Now, five years, three name changes, and six blog-hosting websites (not to mention two jobs and one dog) later, I think I’ve got this blogging thing down pat.

The modern gift for a fifth wedding anniversary is silverware, so what better way to celebrate my anniversary in my own quiet way than to wear silver eyeshadow today! My favorite, which I’ve reviewed previously on Boston Red Lox, is Buxom Stay There eyeshadow in Chihuahua.

Which is actually very fitting, since my dog is a chihuahua mix.

And here’s a handy guide for wearing silver eyeshadow.


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