Simple Comes to the U.S.


Simple, Britain’s Number One skin care line, has arrived in America. While waiting in Target today to get a prescription filled, I perused the skin care aisle and discovered this new addition to the store’s stock. Years ago on vacation in Britain I had purchased some Simple products, so I was happy to see them available locally. Simple products are made especially for sensitive skin and are formulated using natural ingredients, with no artificial fragrance, color, or dyes.

I purchased the Vital Vitamin Night Cream ($10). Although it’s a night cream, I bought it to use for both day and night. It contains vitamins B5 and E, as well as glycerine and borage oil to moisturize and bisabolol to soothe. But it also contains parabens, which may be a problem for some people. I tried it today, and my initial verdict is that it could be richer. I used it after washing with cold cream so my skin felt moisturized, but it might not be rich enough if I used it after a foaming cleanser. But when I applied it, it immediately soothed my tight dry skin and made my face feel soft and comfortable. I was particularly impressed by the fact that it has an expiration date on the bottom of the jar. I’ll continue to use the Vital Vitamin Night Cream to see what the long-term benefits are, if any.

Simple skin care products are available at Target or online at


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