Ready, Set, Glow

In my continued quest to rev up my eye makeup (see previous post), I purchased the new Ready line of pressed eyeshadows from Bare Minerals. The Ready line is Bare Minerals’ new compact eyeshadow alternative to their traditional loose mineral eyeshadows. They are made without parabens, fillers, binders, or chemicals. According to the Bare Escentuals website, the Ready line:

    provides exceptionally vivid, long-wearing color in an ultra smooth, silky texture for effortless application and seamless blendability with two complementary shades. Powered by our proprietary SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex along with powerful antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber-ingredients known to deliver anti-aging benefits including reduced look of puffiness and antioxidant protection for a softer, smoother, revitalized eye area. It looks like a powder but feels like a cream and delivers a beautifully smooth application of vivid, long-wearing color.

Vivid, yes. Long-wearing, not so much. But I’ll get into that later.

I purchased two Ready compacts: the Ready 2.0 duo ($20) in Scenic Route (above), and the Ready 4.0 quad ($30) in The Elements (below). Scenic Route consists of Breathtaking (a “golden snowflake”) and Spectacular (a “brilliant sage”). I really love Spectacular, a metallic gold-green. I usually wear Spectacular alone, but sometimes I’ll put it on the outer 3/4 of my eyelid and wear Breathtaking on my inner 1/4 of the lid and the inner corner of my eye. When I wear this duo together, I feel like Deborah Harry with that early-80s, metallic shiny eyeshadow look. I usually wear this combo with my green-and-black-striped sweater dress (another classic ’80s style that is currently enjoying a renaissance). I bought the Ready 4.0 quad in The Elements for the bottom two of the four colors: Earth (a “soft slate”), and Water (a “teal smoke”). Worn together, they have a smokey-eyed “Rock Star” quality, especially when worn with black eyeliner and one of my Kat Von D lipsticks. The other two colors are Air (a “satin taupe”) and Fire (an “autumn leaf”). I’m not crazy about bright orange eyeshadow so I haven’t tried the Air and Fire combination yet. I wish they made a Ready 2.0 in just Earth and Water.

In addition to providing fresh colors with easier application, Ready eyeshadows are supposed to improve the appearance of the eye area as well. Bare Escentuals claims that the Ready eyeshadows “reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease the appearance of puffiness on the upper eyelids, [and] help boost moisture levels in skin by 81% for smoother, more revitalized eyes (Results based on a clinical study of 52 women.).” I’ve noticed that when I first apply them, as with any powder eyeshadow, they make my eyes look more crepey. I haven’t noticed any boost in moisture for my eyelids (not that I check, mind you). And the claim that they’re long-lasting doesn’t bear out for me, either. As with the Buxom eyeshadows, they crease and fade by mid-day, leaving a line of color just above my eyelid, while the lid itself is washed out. I have to put powder foundation and primer on my lids before I apply the eyeshadows. Still, as with the Buxom eyeshadows, I really like the colors so I’ll continue to wear them.

In addition to compact eyeshadows, the Ready line also includes the holiday limited-edition Ready 8.0 ($40), featuring 8 shades, as well as a pressed compact of Mineral Veil, Bare Minerals’ finishing powder. The introduction of these new pressed mineral compacts begs the question: is a line of pressed mineral foundations far behind?

The Ready line of compact eyeshadows is available from Bare Escentuals online and in their boutiques, as well as Sephora.

I wish I could say this is me wearing the Ready eyeshadows, but it’s not. It’s the poster of the gorgeous model that was in the window of my local Bare Escentuals boutique that lured me in to buy the Ready Compacts. I also bought the lip gloss she’s wearing, 7 Layer Cake.


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