Bow Wow – Wow!

With the start of the new year, I decided to amp up my makeup routine by wearing more attention-grabbing eyeshadow colors. Not anything too loud, but definitely more interesting than the brown/nude color combos that I’ve been wearing on the days when I can be bothered to apply eyeshadow in the morning. So on a recent trip to Sephora, I discovered the Buxom Stay There eyeshadows ($17) by Bare Escentuals. BE’s Buxom line started with a series of saucy lip polishes, each one with a stripper name. Having become a cult fave within the BE family, last year witnessed the launch of an extended Buxom line of products to become a separate, irreverent brand within Bare Escentuals (just like Bare Minerals is a separate brand, although it has become synonymous with Bare Escentuals). The Buxom line of eye shadows is called Stay There.The name implies that it is long-lasting. It is also a pun for a command one would give a pet dog – thus each eye shadow is named after a breed of dog. I bought two Stay There eyeshadows – Chihuahua, a sparkly silver, and Cocker Spaniel – a pale pink champagne. They are both very pretty, although these are the more subdued shades in a line that also includes colors like electric blue (Bulldog) and emerald green (Saint Bernard). I said I wanted more attention-grabbing eyeshadow, but I’m not ready for electric dayglow colors just yet.

When I first opened up my pot of Stay There eyeshadow, I was surprised to find that it has the consistency of a spongy mousse, almost like those ink-pad blushes and eyeshadows that were briefly popular in the Nineties (think Stila Sport). Being a sucker for cool products, I purchased the Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow Brush ($17). It comes in its own black pleather case. The brush is made especially for applying the Stay There eyeshadows, but really, a fingertip would do just fine. The eyeshadow colors are buildable. I find I need to apply two coats to get the eyeshadow to look noticeable, but one coat creates a light wash of color if you want to be more subtle.

Although the name implies that the Stay There shadows are long-lasting, I purchased Bare Escentuals’ Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer ($18). It’s got a little more sparkle than the original Prime Time primer, and I could wear it alone for a subtle sheen on the days when I’m too lazy or pressed for time to apply eyeshadow. It seems to have extended the life of the Stay There shadow to mid-day, but after that I still get the noticeable fading on my eyelid, although the color on the browbone remains. I have oily eyelids and any eyeshadow I wear fades by mid-day. I’m going to try using my BE mineral foundation on my eyelids before applying the eyeshadow to see if that makes it last longer.

So far I’m really liking the Stay There eyeshadows, despite the fact that they don’t last all day. They give my eyes a little something extra, and I feel more polished when I add them to my daily makeup routine. My only beef is that the tiny, .12 ounce pot comes in a box twice the size, so if you didn’t see the tester pot at Sephora you’d think you were buying a size larger than approximately one-tenth of an ounce for $17. That being said, I would buy them again. I may even work up the courage to wear Saint Bernard to work. Someday.

The Buxom Stay There eyeshadows and brush are exclusive to Sephora, as is the complete Buxom line, which also includes mascara and eyeliner. They are not sold in the Bare Escentuals boutiques. When I went into my local BE boutique to inquire about them, I was told that the BE boutiques will no longer be carrying the Buxom lip polishes either, so Sephora will be the only place to get those, too.

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