The Twelve Wicked Beautiful Days of Christmas – Day Twelve

Nothing reminds me of my childhood Christmases more than Avon. Back in the day when the Avon Lady came to your house, and the Internet was [supposedly] just a gleam in Al Gore’s eye, my mother, I mean Santa Claus always made sure to include an Avon item or two under the tree or tucked away in my stocking. These were the days when Avon still made their famous figural bottles of perfume. For the holidays, they were shaped like Christmas trees, or a cheery holiday mouse. Avon also made solid perfume brooches shaped like a gingerbread man or a snowman. My mother decorated the house with scented candles from Avon. One looked and smelled like a gingerbread house, another was shaped like a horse-drawn sleigh and smelled like bayberry. It was those charming Avon decorations and presents that helped make the Christmases of my youth so special.

These days, Avon offers very little in the way of whimsical holiday items. They no longer make figural perfume bottles, brooches, or candles. But Avon still makes one item that reminds me of my childhood. Their Sweet Honesty Fragrance Gift Set ($9.99) features their popular Sweet Honesty fragrance that was first introduced in 1975. This festive boxed set also comes with a Sweet Honesty Antiperspirant and Shimmery Body Powder. Although Sweet Honesty comes in an ordinary (and rather un-spectacular) bottle these days, I only have to take one whiff of it to recall the excitement I felt opening up presents under the tree on Christmas morning. And to this day my mother still puts that Avon sleigh candle out every Christmas, and it still smells like bayberry.

Ad for Avon Christmas items, 1971. I swear I had that Snoopy bottle of bubble bath.

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