The Twelve Wicked Beautiful Days of Christmas – Day Eleven

The Rouge Unlimited Holiday Collection by Wong Kar Wai is a trio of holiday editions of Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited lipstick. Wong Kar-wai is a Hong Kong Second Wave film director known for his visually stunning, highly stylized film work. The collection offers three festive shades:

    * Rouge Luster: “Express the heat of passion with this deep, tender red shade and a delicate gold shimmer.”

    * Pink Flush: “Caress your lips with this bright, warm pink with a fresh, glossy finish.”

    * Glitter Fuse: “An innocent beige shade with a heavenly splash of golden dust full of hope.”

    We all know that lipstick makes great stocking stuffers. At $26, it’s a bit of a splurge, but wouldn’t it make a nice change from the toothbrushes, nail files, and the rolls of Life Savers that usually wind up in peoples’ stockings?


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