The Twelve Wicked Beautiful Days of Christmas – Day Six

Lush is another brand you can always count on to come up with truly special holiday items. Lush’s Snowcake soap is a perennial holiday favorite that customers look forward to every year. This year Lush has combined the Snowcake fragrance (a blend of almond icing and marzipan) with their popular cocoa-and-shea-butter-infused Luxury Bath Melts to make the The Melting Snowman ($5.95). The Melting Snowman is the first Luxury Bath Melt made with Lush’s new fast-melting formula. I don’t know about where you live, but if this winter will be anything like the winter we had in New England last year, (and considering that fact Boston had a snowstorm the day before Halloween this year), chances are The Melting Snowman will melt long before any of our winter snow will.


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