Hey Boyfriend

If you read this blog regularly you know how I feel about celebrity fragrances. I think they are unoriginal, derivative, and uninspired. This disturbing trend in the fragrance industry has gotten so out of hand that any celebrity can come out with a fragrance to make a quick buck or two. Kim Kardashian? Please! Paris Hilton? Hasn’t she found a real job yet? Justin Bieber? WTH?! Of course celebrity fragrances aren’t new. Cher was one of the first celebrities to come out with her own fragrance in 1987 with Uninhibited. Unfortunately, the world just wasn’t ready for a vanilla fragrance back then. On the other hand, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds has become a respected classic in the twenty years since it was first launched. But with celebrities over-saturating the market with their cloying perfumes I have more reasons than ever to walk quickly past the spritz-happy perfume counter ladies without making eye contact as I make my way to the department store restrooms in the mall.

So it was to my surprise this weekend when I was browsing the fragrance shelves at Sephora that I discovered Boyfriend by Kate Walsh perfume. I’ve seen the star of television’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice on HSN selling her fragrance line. I chalked it up to just another celebrity hawking perfume on home shopping television, like Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and Jennifer Lopez (who was one of early contenders in the current celebrity perfume trend). I never really watched her presentations, but since I had the opportunity to try Boyfriend in person, I spritzed myself with it. And I was pleasantly surprised. Sort of.

According to Sephora, “Actress Kate Walsh wanted to capture the scent of a guy on a girl: a man’s cologne mixed with perfume, the smell that lingers on the skin. This fragrance evokes memories of that time after he has left for the day—when she gently awakes in a bed that’s still warmly redolent of ‘boyfriend.'” Um, okay. Boyfriend is “an alluring balance of vanilla, jasmine blossoms, and an accord of amber…set against the sensual scents of a man, including a light musk and a shimmer of fresh woods.”

There’s something about Boyfriend by Kate Walsh that makes it a little different than the other celebrity fragrances that I’ve tried, which all smell very similar to me. Boyfriend uses musk and amber, two elements of many of the classic fragrances that I love. But there’s a sweetness that combines with the musk and amber. To me it smells a bit like caramel, but the list of ingredients includes vanilla, so that’s probably what I smell. The full list of ingredients are:

    Dark Plum, Myrrh, Night Blooming Jasmine, Benzoin Tears, Skin Musk, Golden Amber, Vanilla Woods.
    Sensual. Vanilla. Amber.

I liked the earthiness of the musk and amber set against the sweetness of the vanilla, but the underlying floral notes still reminded me of typical celebrity fragrances. I was undecided, and didn’t want to make the $35-$65 committment for a full bottle. But for only $10 I purchased the Boyfriend Pulse Point Oil to Go. This limited edition .02 ounce mini roller bottle is exclusive to Sephora. It allows me to live with the fragrance for a few weeks to see if I really like it. So far I would say I don’t dislike it, but I don’t think it will be replacing any of my favorite fragrances any time soon.

And, just for the record, here’s a list on Wikipedia of celebrity fragrances. Someone had a lot of time on their hands to put this together, but they missed a few since celebrity fragrances are multiplying faster than bacteria on potato salad that’s been left outside for too long. Here are some more:

Paris Hilton
Kim Kardashian
Kate Walsh
Jennifer Anniston
Katy Perry
Queen Latifah
Jennifer Lopez
Shania Twain
Victoria and David Beckham
Sean John

So what’s next in the celebrity fragrance market? Kathy Griffin’s D-List? I might actually buy that.

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