Waxing Nostalgic – Avon Ghosts of Christmas Past

Last year around the holidays, I became nostalgic for the Christmases of my childhood and bought a special holiday bottle of Zany perfume from eBay. This year, I’ve done it again. My newest addition is the Avon Merry Mouse holiday bottle filled with Zany cologne. This bottle also came with its original box, and the cap (i.e. the mouse’s head) was still wrapped in its original plastic, so the holly berries in its ear was still intact. I’ve seen empty bottles of this selling on eBay that are missing the holly. So once again I feel like I’m getting an Avon bottle of perfume for Christmas.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I kind of went on a Zany shopping spree. Since this perfume was discontinued thirty years ago, I feel like I should compulsively hoard bottles of it, just so I never run out. When I bought the cute little Christmas mouse, I also bought a bottle of Zany shaped like a hippo with a top hat. Why a hippo with a top hat? I have no idea. It originally came with stickers to decorate it, but this listing was just for the hippo, no box or stickers. It’s kind of hideous, but it was about half-filled with Zany, and it only cost me 99 cents.

And a bottle of “Rollin’ Great Roller Skate” (so 1980) that was almost completely full of Zany.

By no means is this the end of my Zany collection. I always like to keep an eye out for more bottles just to have them on hand. But now I’ve started looking for other discontinued Avon perfumes of my childhood, such as Pink and Pretty, Hawaiian White Ginger, Sweet Honesty, and Moonwind. If I can find them in the collectible figural bottles, that’s even better. I got rid of all of mine long ago. Searching for them on eBay, I see listings for figural bottles that I forgot I had, until I see the photograph and think “Oh yeah, I had that one.” I also search for their perfumed demistiks, little plastic tubes of solid perfume that twisted up, much like lip balms. I still have one from my childhood, in Raining Violets. And don’t forget their fragrance glace figural pins. I recently purchased this on etsy, to replace the one that I got for Christmas in 1972:

Unfortunately, these days Avon, well, I’ll just come right out and say it: Avon sucks! They don’t make figural perfume bottles, figural glace pins, perfumed demistiks, or anything fun for the holidays. When I saw this year’s Avon holiday catalogue in the waiting room at my doctor’s office, I eagerly grabbed it, only to be disappointed in their lack of originality or whimsy when it comes to their holiday items. The only truly seasonal products I found were tubes of hand cream and lip balms with reindeers or Santa printed on them. And the items for kids include gloves, hats, and Barbies. I guess tweens and teens these days are too sophisticated to enjoy the simple pleasures of a bottle of perfume shaped like a snowman. They probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a gingerbread man brooch with a flip-top head that reveals solid perfume. But I have no qualms about wearing it. It’s going to be my Christmas jewelry at this year’s office holiday party.

3 Comments on “Waxing Nostalgic – Avon Ghosts of Christmas Past”

  1. Eureka says:

    I feel the same. They do not sell any good looking and good quality products anymore.
    A pitty.

  2. elizabeth says:

    i had the Zany mouse! it sits empty at my parents’ home, but my brother sometimes smells something and says “it smells like your mouse perfume”. curious if you’ve found any perfume in production that reminds you of Zany?

    • I haven’t found anything in production today that reminds me of Zany, so I’ve been buying original bottles of Zany on eBay and Etsy. Hopefully I can build up a lifetime supply of it. 🙂

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