Deep Purple

In a few of my recent posts I lamented about how my skin has changed. Once oily and acne-prone, it’s become dry and dehydrated. When I discovered I can no longer wear face powder because it makes my face look and feel dry and tight, I also discovered the same goes for powder eyeshadow. It made my eyelids look crepey (*gasp*) – a sure sign I’m getting on in years. So I turned to Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow ($19). I first tried them years ago, before Sephora bought Benefit from its founders, Jean and Jane Ford. The old-school Creaseless Cream eyeshadows were dry and hard to apply, but the current formulations are creamier and go on more smoothly. I bought two of them, Flatter Me, a toasted mauve, and, in a radical departure from my usual neutral shades, Purple Snap. Purple Snap is exclusive to Sephora. I am a color-phobe when it comes to eye makeup. I can’t tell you how many brown, taupe, tan, and coffee-colored eyeshadows litter my makeup bag. But when I saw Purple Snap, I felt I had to take a chance. When I applied it in the outer corners of my eyes, over Flatter Me, it looked good. It gave my eyes some color, but it wasn’t the screaming, ultra-violet purple shade that it looks like in the jar.

With my renewed love of matte lipstick and my vibrant new eyeshadow shade, I feel like I’m making exciting and much-needed changes to my makeup routine. And ladies, cream makeup is an (aging) girl’s best friend.


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