A Beautiful Finish

Several years ago I stopped wearing liquid foundation. I suffered from chronic acne, and I was afraid liquid makeup would clog my pores. But my skin has changed, and now I treat it like it’s dry. I use cream cleansers and rich moisturizers. So far so good. So one day when I applied my trusty MAC Blotting Powder, which I have been using for fifteen years at least, it felt wrong. My skin felt tight and itchy. And my face looked overly powdered, like those elderly ladies who put on too much makeup without realizing how it settles into their fine lines and wrinkles. Only now I have fine lines and wrinkles, too. I decided to stop wearing powder and powder foundation right then and there, and immediately set out to find a new liquid foundation. My search took me to Kohl’s and their American Beauty line.

Kohl’s carries four different lines of makeup. All of them are created by Estee Lauder, and all of them correspond to brands owned by Lauder. There’s the nature-meets-science Origins knockoff, the funky MAC knockoff, the scientific Clinique knockoff, and the All-American Estee Lauder knockoff, which is American Beauty. I tried their American Beauty foundation ($16.50) in two shades: Light/Cool, and Fair/Warm. I have pink undertones to my skin, so I thought Light/Cool was the shade for me. But it looked too pale. So I tried Fair/Warm and to my surprise it blended in perfectly. I couldn’t see where I had applied it. Now I wear it every day. It has a light finish but provides excellent coverage. My skin looks flawless.

I’ve heard rumors that Kohl’s will soon be discontinuing all of their makeup lines. Just my luck, as soon as I found my holy grail of foundations. I hope the rumors aren’t true, or else I’ll have to make a run on the American Beauty counter and buy up all of their bottles of foundation in my shade. Does anyone know if these rumors are true?


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