My New Kat-itude Towards Lipstick

For the past few years I’ve shied away from full lipstick. I felt too made-up wearing lipstick every day, so I opted instead for lip gloss. But on a recent trip to the mall I was bombarded by images of Brazilian model Cintia Dicker. Seriously, that girl is everywhere! Her larger-than-life-sized ads graced Land’s End, Bebe, and Aerie, all within a ten-store radius. Of course the first thing that I noticed about her is her gorgeous red hair. The second thing that I noticed was that Cintia was rocking some matte lipstick, and it suited her. It gave her that All-American, Girl Next Door look. I was so taken with that look that I decided to search for a new lipstick. Since Aerie was right next to Sephora, it was the logical place to begin my search.

Cintia Dicker

Once in Sephora I made a beeline to the Kat Von D section. Now I know what you’re thinking: celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D is about as far away from the classic all-American, girl-next-door as you can get, but I remembered that her line of Painted Love lipsticks ($18) were matte. I had purchased a couple of them when they first came out a few years back, but decided I wasn’t ready for matte lipstick (again, having worn it when it was big in the Nineties). So they were banished into the black hole that is my makeup collection.

Kat Von D

But Kat has added some new colors since she first launched her lipsticks. I tried two that I really liked: Cathedral – which Sephora describes as “spiced pinkish brown,” and Prayer, which is more of a berry-pink shade. I decided on Cathedral, then discovered it was sold out. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to settle on Prayer, so I ran to the recently opened and much smaller Sephora inside J.C. Penney’s, which had Cathedral in stock (I don’t think shoppers in that mall have caught on to the Penney’s Sephora yet, which was lucky for me). Kat Von D’s Painted Love lipsticks are not the matte lipsticks of the Nineties. While they have that same velvety look to them, Kat’s lipsticks are very moist and not at all drying like the mattes of twenty years ago.

Today I’m working the matte lipstick look at work, and feeling confident. One good thing about Kat’s Painted Love lipstick is that it survived my three cups of coffee this morning. While the top layer is gone, it leaves behind a stain that still gives a lot of color to my lips. I’ve already decided that I’m going back to the mall this weekend to buy Prayer. And no, the irony isn’t lost on me: with shades in Cathedral and Prayer, I’m hoping for a little divine intervention.


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