O.P.I. Touring America 2011


It’s a miserable day outside. Stuck inside while Hurricane Irene, now Tropical Storm Irene, brought strong winds and rain today, I painted my nails. In a pre-hurricane run to Ulta yesterday I discovered O.P.I.’s ” Touring America 2011″ Fall collection, a collection of twelve shades inspired by the diversity of America. Most of the shades were sold out, but I managed to get the two shades that appealed to me the most. “Color to Diner For” is a deep burgundy with a hint of sparkle, and “My Address is Hollywood” is a creamy medium pink with a hint of nude. Since Fall can’t come soon enough for me, I chose “Color to Diner For” because it reminds me of the color of the deep red Autumn leaves. It looks a little more orange than red in the photo below.


This color puts me in a good mood. I’m anticipating the cool Fall weather, although I’m getting a taste of it today since it’s still very windy out. The O.P.I. Touring America Collection is available at Ulta. Each color costs $8.50.

For those of you in the path of Hurricane Irene, stay safe!


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