Fruit for Your Face

I’ve never had much luck with products from Clean & Clear, Johnson & Johnson’s line of cleansers and moisturizers for young, problem skin. Their cleansers usually dry out my skin, and their moisturizers aren’t moisturizing enough. The fact that I’m several years older than their target demographic may have something to do with it. Nevertheless, when I saw their new line of Morning Burst Fruit Infusions cleansers in the grocery store, I was immediately drawn to the chubby, brightly colored pump bottles. What can I say, I’m a sucker for cool packaging. Since the other C&C cleansers I tried dried out my skin, I chose the Hydrating Cleanser. It has coconut, pineapple, and acai extracts for antioxidants, and real strawberry seeds for exfoliation. So what do I think of this cleanser, after using it for a week?

It smells great, it lathers well, and it removes makeup. But the cleanser doesn’t contain enough fruit extracts to make a difference in one’s skin. It’s just the usual concoction of detergents and, yes, parabens, found in most cleansers, with a little bit of natural ingredients in it to capitalize on the trend of natural skincare products. To be fair, however, Clean & Clear make no claims that the Fruit Infusions line is all- or largely- natural. And the strawberry seeds that the product description on the company’s website say will reveal vibrant skin are so few and far between that sometimes the one pump of cleanser I use to wash my face with doesn’t contain any seeds at all. But I will say that the Hydrating Cleanser lives up to its name in that, while it’s not truly hydrating, it doesn’t dry out my skin like other Clean & Clear cleansers, provided I follow it with a good moisture cream.

I find the Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Hydrating Cleanser pleasant to use. It may be more hydrating for skin that’s oilier than mine, who would appreciate the fact that it’s oil-free. I’ll keep using it during the summer, then see how it fares during the winter months. But I might just keep using it because I’m really digging the coconut fragrance.

The Morning Burst Fruit Infusion cleansers are also available in a Revitalizing Cleanser and a Purifying Cleanser, so there’s one for every skin type. They retail for around $7 and are available in drugstores as well as Ulta.



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