Magical Soaps

I’m a sucker for soap. In particular, I love handcrafted, all-natural, cruelty-free soap. There’s just something about working up a lather in my hands with a hefty bar of soap that makes me feel that I’m getting really clean. Without plastic or glass containers, bar soap is more environmentally friendly than packaged liquid cleansers. And handcrafted soap is more moisturizing because it retains the natural glycerin that’s produced as a by-product of soap (commerical soaps eliminate it, making the final product more drying, which is why many people will tell you not to wash your face with soap) . So I was delighted to discover a line of soaps from a local soap company during a trip into town the other day.

Magic Moon Soapworks are based in Salem, MA. They create all-natural goat’s milk soap in several fragrances. All of their handcrafted soaps use only natural vegetable oils, such as olive, soy, sunflower, canola, grapeseed, and coconut; along with honey, oatmeal, herbs, & botanicals, pure essential oils, & the highest quality phthalate-free, essential oil-based fragrance oils. Magic Moon products are Paraben- and Cruelty Free, and many are Gluten and/or Lactose free as well. Their products are made fresh daily with no preservatives, harsh chemicals, dyes, fillers or synthetics.

There are several ranges to choose from, each a different theme that includes several amazing fragrances. “Dudley Suds” appeals to men with fragrances such as patchouli and sandalwood. “The Farmers Market” features soaps scented with cucumber and pear. “The Herbals” features soap fragranced with rosemary, lime, or lavender. But my favorite has to be “Guilty Pleasures” – the indulgent, dessert-fragranced line. I picked up “An Affair to Remember,” scented with strawberries and chocolate, and “Serendiptiy,” with the fragrance of raspberries and white chocolate. I also picked up their “Pumpkin and Carrot” facial cleansing bar. For those that don’t want added fragrance (or can’t tolerate it), there’s “Not So Plain Jane,” an unscented bar that’s great for face and body.

All Magic Moon soaps retail for $7.00. If they’re not available at a store near you, you can order them online at


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