Hello Kitty for Sephora

I wish I could call this post “Hello Pretty,” but I already used that pun when I reviewed the makeup line from Tarina Tarantino, the makeup artist and Hello Kitty jewelry designer. But with Tarantino’s line, and the subsequent Hello Kitty collection from MAC last year, could a Hello Kitty makeup line have been far behind?

The new Hello Kitty line of makeup differs from the glitter nail polishes and frosty lip glosses made for children and found in Target. This new line can be found exclusively at Sephora. The line features adult-quality cosmetics in cute-but-not-saccharine packaging. I’ve seen this line in Sephora for the past month or two, but today I bit the bullet and went on a Hello Kitty spree.

I really wanted the Hello Kitty “Bling” purse-sized mirror (above), but at $49 it would leave me less money for the other products I wanted. So I settled for the less sparkly but no less adorable silver-tone compact mirror at $18 (left). Imagine the looks of envy I’ll get when I pull this little baby out of my purse on the bus to apply my lipstick! Or my Sweet Gloss lip gloss ($16) (below) in Charmmy, a muted cool rose beige. It goes on like a sheer lipstick so the coverage is fresh and natural-looking. I also bought the matching Charmmy Apple Cheeks creme blush stick ($22) (below). I decided against the Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit ($28) (right) but later regretted my decision. It comes in a little tin with seven eyeliner pencils. I tried one of them on my hand and honestly, I could still see it on my hand later that evening even after I washed my hands. WIth this kind of staying power, I might have to go back for it. I especially love the tin – it’s a grownup version of the Hello Kitty miniature colored pencil kit that I had as a child.

The Liquid Nail Art nail polish ($10) comes in a cute clear glass figural Hello Kitty-head bottle and is available in eight shades, almost all of which were sold out. But I was able to snap up the last bottles of the three colors I really wanted: Blueberry (an opaque pastel periwinkle blue), Minty (an opaque pastel mint green, because I’m a sucker for green nail polish), and Frosted Cupcake (a sheer light pink with silver micro-glitter).

As the cashier at Sephora was ringing me up, she assumed that my Hello Kitty haul were gifts. I sheepishly informed her that they were, in fact, for myself. So I have the same taste in makeup as a thirteen-year-old. So what?! I haven’t had this much fun buying Hello Kitty stuff since I was in elementary school.


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