…And We’re Back

I know what you’re thinking: “Where’s Boston Red Lox been hiding?” At least I hope you’ve been thinking that. Maybe you haven’t noticed that I’ve been gone. That’s okay too. The thing is, last spring, around the time of my last post, I started looking for a condo. Anyone who is familiar with the process of buying a home, particuarly a first home, knows what a time-consuming, stressful process it can be. This past summer, fall, and winter, any free time I had was taken up by house-hunting, meeting with bankers, lawyers, and real-estate agents; packing, moving, unpacking, painting, settling in, etc.  It was a long and arduous process, and not as much fun as I had imagined. There were a few false starts, the condo that got away, and the condo that got away and came back when the original buyer’s financing fell through. Long story short, I’m more or less settled in my new home, which means I can be settled in my life again. So it’s time to resume my blog.

Although I haven’t been blogging about products for several months, that in no way means I haven’t been trying new things. So look for some new products, and old favorites, coming very soon. And thank you for your continued support.

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