More Layers for Summer


It’s not even summer yet but here in New England the warmer weather already is upon us. We’re having a crazy spring. Some days it’s been cool, even blustery, and last week parts of New England even had snow. But other days have been downright warm. So it’s time to break out the layers. Of fragrance, that is.

For much of the year people in New England have to layer their clothes, even in spring and summer. Mornings can start off cool, and then temperatures could reach into the Seventies by the afternoon. But when the weather gets hot, I like to layer my fragrance before I leave the house in the morning. That way, I make sure I don’t offend anyone amidst the hoards of people on the Green Line in the morning (and anyone’s who’s taken the Green Line knows people can sometimes be packed in like a bunch of sardines in a can). I’ve discovered a combination of drugstore body mist and department store perfume that compliment each other so perfectly it was like they were made to go together.

Dove Go Fresh Energizing Body Mist ($4.99) delivers a refreshing blast of lemongrass and grapefruit. I’ve been spritzing myself with it every morning before I leave the house, and its ability to last well into the late morning at work always surprises me. Recently I discovered that a perfume I’ve been wearing for about 5 years goes so well with it that not only does it not clash with the body mist, it actually compliments it.


I’ve been wearing I Love Love by Moschino ever since I saw an ad for it in a magazine (see above). It was one of those ads with the perfume strips attached. Usually I can’t stand those ads. They make the magazine smell horrible, and every time I try one of those strips it’s for a perfume that I can’t stand. But I Love Love was different. As soon as I tried it, it reminded me of the Ginger and Grapefruit body wash by the now-defunct skincare and makeup store Skinmarket. I loved that body wash and the Skinmarket store in the Northshore Mall in Peabody. I Love Love has notes of Lemon, Orange, Red Currant, Grapefruit, Bulrushes, Lily-of-the-Valley, Cinnamon Leaves, Tea Rose, Musk, Cedar, and Tanaka Wood, but the grapefruit and lemon are front and center when I wear it. It’s one of my two “go-to” fragrances for summer (the other being Philosophy’s Pure Grace). I wasn’t sure what to make of the bottle at first. A figural bottle in the image of a red-headed Olive Oyl wasn’t exactly the symbol of glamor and sophistication, but it is in keeping with Moschino’s “Cheap and Chic” philosophy in that it’s whimsical and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The bottle soon grew on me.

I’ve gotten compliments separately for both the Dove body mist and I Love Love. Now that I’ve paired them together, I feel confident leaving the house on a warm day, safe in the knowledge that I won’t offend my co-workers. The combination of lemon and grapefruit from both products is uplifting. It energizes me for the long day ahead.

Dove Go Fresh Energizing Body Mist is available in drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. Moschino’s I Love Love is available from department stores, in a variety of sizes and prices.


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