What Can Brown Do for You?


BADgal Brown $19) by Benefit is the newest addition to Benefit’s BADgal collection of mascaras. Designed to give you fuller, thicker lashes without clumps, BADgal Brown has a thinner brush than the original BADgal mascara in black and the BADgals in blue and plum. But don’t be misled. The skinny brush is perfectly capable of giving you fatter lashes. When I wear it, it almost looks like I’m wearing false eyelashes. I used to use two different kinds of mascara – a thickening one and then a lengthening or curling one on top of it – to get the effect that I get with BADgal Brown. Two coats of BADgal are more than enough to give me flirty, full lashes that last all day without flaking or smearing.

BADGal Brown and her sisters are available online from Benefit’s website at www.benefitcosmetics.com as well www.sephora.com. It’s also available in Sephora stores and at Benefit counters in department stores nationwide.


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