All Dolled Up


In January I blogged about makeup artist Tarina Tarantino’s new line of makeup exclusively for Sephora. The line has been in the stores for a few months now, and I recently purchased her Dollskin face powder ($32). The pink compact with hand-set crystals was so girly and cute that I had to buy it, but I was impressed with the product itself when I tried it on in the store. I tried shade #2, the lightest one. It looked pink-toned, which is perfect for me because I have a pink undertone to my skin. The coverage was good and it made my complexion look even. Then I took it home and used it in the real world.

Although the coverage is great, one thing that I noticed when applying Dollskin at home that I didn’t notice in the store was that it tends to turn a little orange after I apply it – not Oompa Loompa orange, but it looks as if I have a slight tan or something. I’ve tried using both a cosmetic sponge and a kabuki brush, but it turns orange either way. I have noticed that, when I look in the mirror a few hours later, the orange has dissipated, and the coverage still looks good.

But the color isn’t the only issue with Dollskin. The compact is another problem. As cute as it it, it can’t accommodate the cosmetic sponge that comes with it. If I put the sponge in the compact, the compact won’t close. Tarina Tarantino has compensated for this by supplying a sheer drawstring bag with the compact, to hold both the compact and the sponge. But I find it a bit inconvenient to have to open this bag and take everything out every time I want to use the powder. I just keep the compact and a MAC kabuki brush in my makeup bag.

In short, I’m kind of on the fence about Dollskin. I think I’ll continue to use it, but I might have to ease up on the application, or just apply it long before I leave the house to give it time to turn back into a color closer to my natural skin tone. I see how good my skin looks a few hours later, so perhaps it just needs time to mix with the natural oils in my skin and “settle” in much the same way as mineral makeup.


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