Soy Natural


Zia Naturals is a skin care company that has been crafting personal-care products from natural ingredients since 1984. I was recently sent a sample of their Moisturizing Cleanser ($17.95) to review.

Zia’s Moisturizing Cleanser is a soap-free, milky cleanser that hydrates as it cleanses. It contaings Grape Seed and Soybean Oil to inhibit collagen damage, and Aloe Gel to soothe and help heal dry skin. I apply the Moisturizing Cleanser to a wet face in the morning, and a dry face in the evening when I have to remove makeup. I find applying this lotion cleanser to a dry face helps to emulsify my makeup better. When I remove the cleanser, my face feels soft and hydrated. The soybean oil absorbs into my skin to condition and moisturize. Moisturizing Cleanser is soap-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. It doesn’t irritate my skin, either, and I have pretty sensitive skin. Overall the Moisturizing Cleanser is an effective way to simplify my skin care regimen without sacrificing quality. It cleanses and removes makeup, and on warmer days I find I don’t need to follow it with moisturizer if I’m in a hurry.

Zia Natural is a company that “gives back” to the planet and its inhabitants. In addition to not testing on animals, Zia donates part of their proceeds towards planting trees with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf Project. Zia Natural products are available at,, and at Whole Food stores nationwide.

Disclosure: A sample of this products was sent to me by the manufacturer or representative of the manufacturer for the purpose of reviewing on this blog. This review reflects my own honest opinions of these products.


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