April Showers

Bargain of the Week: The April Showers Microfiber Facial Scrubber is a round, two-sided facial scrubber that exfoliates skin when used with your favorite cleanser. One side is terry cloth to gently exfoliate. I use this side to remove eye makeup remover and any excess eye makeup. The other side has a polyester-blend honeycomb texture for a stronger exfoliation. It comes in a 3-pack and is available in assorted colors. I’ve been using my microfiber facial scrubber every day with a facial cleanser and I prefer it to my Clarisonic, which I never use. And the kicker is that I bought my 3-pack at Dollar Tree for $1. If there isn’t a Dollar Tree near you, you can purchase the April Bath and Shower Microfiber Facial Scrubber at http://www.amazon.com or http://www.discountcosmeticoutlet.com. At this price, I’m tempted to stock up on them the next time I’m at Dollar Tree and get enough to last a few years.

April Showers


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