Wicked Beautiful is Now Boston Red Lox

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the name of this blog. For three years, it’s been Wicked Beautiful. I wanted a name that ties into Boston, the area where I live and work. But it always sounded kind of awkward to me. Also, I always worried people outside of New England might not “get” the name, a take on New Englanders’ use of the adjective “wicked” to mean “very,” rather than “evil,” i.e. “It’s wicked hot today.” So I’ve changed my URL from http://www.wickedbeautiful.com to www.bostonredlox.com. It may take a few days for the url change to take place, so in the meantime, you can access this blog at http://bostonredlox.typepad.com.

For those companies and PR reps who have sent me products to review, I’ll wait until the URL change is complete before posting my reviews.

I’m also in the process of putting back my most recent images that were lost when I changed URLs. Most of my earlier images were lost anyway, when Geocities went under (my first blog was on blogspot, which does not have self-storage for images, and I was using Geocities). So please bear with me.

I’m excited about the future for Boston Red Lox. I hope to continue to report on national beauty products, but I also want to make it more Boston-specific as well, with reports on shops and products available in Boston and nearby areas. Boston is a city that I love, and I hope to be able to better represent it in this blog. The blog’s name change is just the first step towards that goal. Thank you for supporting Wicked Beautiful these past three years. Here’s to many more for Boston Red Lox.


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