Coffee or Makeup?


It’s a choice we’ve all been faced with. You’re down to your last two dollars. What do you buy with it? A cup of coffee, or makeup? Both are necessities But one might be inclined to choose coffee. After all, you can’t get makeup for two dollars. Or can you?


Color Icons by Wet ‘n Wild are individual compacts of eyeshadow. They’re part of Wet ‘n Wild’s new, revamped makeup line. They’re excellent quality at an affordable price. For $1.99 each, the price of a large Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla coffee (my much-needed morning boost), you can buy a tiny little compact of sparkly, colorful happiness. Color Icons remind me of Sephora’s Kat Von D eyeshadows in that they come in wild as well as subdued colors, they sparkle, and they wear well. I bought three shades: Nutty – a soft caramel brown with slight sparkle; Kitten – a pretty purple with tiny flecks of coppery sparkle; and Envy – a bright metallic green with green sparkles. Here’s what they look like on the skin:


I chose Nutty because I always gravitate towards neutral, “safe” eyeshadows to wear to work. Because, if truth be told, I’m afraid of color. But Color Icons are so inexpensive that I was also able to buy two colors outside of my comfort zone. Nutty is everything I expected it would be: a soft, natural brown. The sparkles aren’t too obvious. They give the shadow depth without making it look trampy or tweenybopperish. Kitten looks like a vibrant eggplant in the pan but on the lids, it’s a soft pale heather. The copper sparkles are more obvious on the lids than they are in the pan, but they’re not obnoxious. I’m sure I could get away with wearing Kitten to work too. Envy, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of eyeshadow I’m afraid of: bold, colorful, and very, very noticeable. And do you know what? I love it! It’s a vivid emerald green, not the pale, washed-out green eyeshadow of the Seventies. My only dilemna is where to wear it. I’m not sure about wearing it to work, not because it would be inappropriate, but because I don’t really have the right ensemble to “make it work.” And I don’t usually wear full makeup on weekends during the day, and I don’t go out much at night (sad, I know). Any suggestions?

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