Uh Oh, It’s Magic


Studio Secrets by L’Oreal is a new line of professional-inspired makeup. L’Oreal teamed with supermodel Linda Evangelista to create a dazzling variety of eye and lip colors, mascaras, and liners, as well as extra-help products such as color-correcting primers and a makeup base. When I saw the Studio Secrets Secret No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base ($10.99) on sale at Target for $9.89, I bought a jar. Then today I noticed that Walgreen’s is having a buy-one-get-one-for-50%-off sale on all L’Oreal products, including the Studio Secrets line, so if you want to try the Magic Perfecting Base, get thee to a Walgreen’s.


L’Oreals No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base is a pale pink mousse that looks invisible on the skin. It contains dimethicone and vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer – your standard silicone-based primer (this is what gives products like these that velvety feel on the skin). I’m usually afraid of silicone, as I have such breakout-prone skin that I’m wary of certain heavy ingredients in my skin care and makeup products. But L’Oreal claims that the Magic Perfecting Base is non-comedogenic. I’ll have to take their word for it. You rub it into skin in a circular motion. I find it works best if I apply a small amount to one area at a time, rub it in circular motions, and then move on to the next area of my face. I apply my makeup on top of it.


After using this for a few days, I have to say I’m pleased with Magic Perfecting Base. It blends well and I can instantly see a slight blurred effect that helps to improve the appearance of minor flaws in my skin. Of course, it’s not a miracle worker, but when I applied my tinted moisturizer over it, my skin looked smoother and a little less flawed. I can even apply a little bit to my face when I don’t wear makeup, just to improve the appearance of my skin. And it hasn’t made my skin break out.

L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets is the exclusive cosmetics collection of Project Runway, Season 7. Visit their new Studio Secrets website at http://runwayready.runwayrealway.com/ for products, tips, and videos.


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