Slather Rinse, Repeat


Pure Bliss 100% Squalene Oil by Rinse ($14.95) is a simple yet effective multi-purpose oil. It’s great for the face, the body, and lips. The company even claims it works on cradle cap. Squalane oil is derived from the olive. It’s light, scentless, and absorbs quickly into the skin, healing it from the inside out. I apply it to my face after cleansing and before moisturizing to help soothe my skin during the winter. I apply two pumps, press it into my skin, and wait a few minutes before applying moisturizer. When I do this at night as part of my evening cleansing ritual, my skin feels amazingly soft, and looks glowing when I wake up the next morning. I also apply it to my face if I’ve taken too hot a bath (which I tend to do, I just love to soak in warm water for too long) and my face feels dehydrated after I get out.

I found Pure Bliss 100% Squalene Oil in a small home goods boutique when I was on vacation on the North Shore, but it’s also available on Rinse’s website at Rinse makes a large variety of bath and body products, including handmade soaps, lip balms, bath treats, solid moisture sticks, body lotions and oils, and scrubs.

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