In Search of…Kabuki Dupe


Over ten years ago, I purchased a bottle of Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in a shade called Kabuki. It was the last bottle, and the sales associate told me the shade was being discontinued. I don’t wear it on my fingernails, but come flip-flop season, it’s all I wear on my toes. It’s the perfect pedicure shade: bright, cheery, and cheekier than the pale pastel or tropical shades that are introduced every spring and summer because they evoke tropical sunny climates. I loved Kabuki immediately, and tried to find more bottles at other Chanel counters before it disappeared altogether. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.

Since I only wear it on my toes, and only during the summer, I’ve managed to make my bottle of Kabuki last for more than ten years, and I still some left. But I realize my highly coveted bottle of Kabuki will someday run out, so I’ve been searching for an identical shade from another nail polish brand. I’ve been searching for a bright, shocking pink. Schiap by Nars wasn’t it. Neither was Rimmel’s Pink Punk. Recently I purchased a bottle of Hard Candy’s Just Nails in Pretty in Punk (again with the pink/punk theme?) from Walmart’s new Hard Candy display. I took it home, and for the first time, actually compared my pink polish to Kabuki. Side-by-side, I finally realized why I’ve had no luck in finding a replacement for Kabuki: Kabuki is a hot pink mixed with purple, like a fuschia, whereas I’ve been looking for a true, shocking pink. Of course, I should have just brought my bottle of Kabuki with me when searching for a new color, but I usually don’t think of it until I’m actually in a store and I see a nail polish display.

Kabuki, left, and Pretty in Punk, right.

The next time I go to the mall, I’m going to bring my bottle of Kabuki with me and hit every cosmetics counter until I can find a similar shade of nail polish. How about you? Do you have a favorite shade of makeup that’s been discontinued? Did you find an alternative by another brand? And do you know of any fushcia/shocking pink nail polishes that look like Kabuki? Please leave me a comment if you do. I’d be eternally grateful!


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