Go Johnny Go!


One of my newest guilty pleasures is Be Good Johnny Weir, the Sundance Channel reality show that follows the flamboyant figure skater’s antics both on and off the ice. Before his reality show, all I knew about Johnny Weir was that he was the skater who wore the swan costume during the last Olympics. But after watching his show, I came to like him. I started watching it right before the Olympics, so when I watched his performances at the Olympics I wasn’t quite a “superfan,” as his Japanese fans call themselves, but I was definitely rooting for him. And for the record, I thought he was underscored.

Johnny isn’t afraid to rock mascara, blush, and lip gloss on the ice. Watching his show, I found myself wondering what skin care products he uses, just as I do with female celebrities whose style I admire. Seeing what a fabulous, if sometimes eccentric wardrobe he has (off the ice, that is – his skating costumes are another matter), I figure he must be very discerning when it comes to the products he uses on his face. In one episode, we catch a glimpse of Johnny using a Ren moisturizer, but we see little else of his daily skin care regimen. That is, until Episode 7 (Back on Top), where he goes to Tokyo to compete in the Grand Prix Final.

We see Johnny in his hotel room in Tokyo soon after his arrival. He tells the camera crew that the plane ride made his face break out, and he goes into the bathroom to apply an acne cream. His hand covers part of the name on the tube, deliberately it seems, in the same way that Coca-Cola cans or brand merchandise t-shirts are blurred out on reality television shows so as not to provide free advertisements for non-sponsors. The partially obscured acne cream tube reads: “…upihul.” If anyone knows what acne cream this is, could you please leave a comment at the end of this post? I suspect it’s either a prescription cream, or it’s not American, but something he got during his travels in the international ice-skating circuit.

While he was in the bathroom applying this mysterious acne cream, the camera pans to the bathroom sink and we briefly see his vast array of skin care products. Finally, an answer to my burning question. Sort of. Except for a candle recognizable as Dyptique, I couldn’t see what the other products were. Fortunately, I was watching this episode on the “On Demand” feature of my local cable company, so I was able to rewind it and pause it at the moment the camera panned to the sink’s countertop. Here’s what I was able to pick out:

MAC Cremewash ($19.50)

Ren moisturizer – looks like it could be the Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream for Sensitive Skin ($55)

And thanks to the Favorites page on Johnny’s official website, we learn his favorite skincare line is Helena Rubinstein’s Force C. This was very helpful in identifying a silver bottle of serum with the large letter “R” on it as a Helena Rubinstein product, but it’s difficult to identify which product it is. It could be Prodigy RePlasty Eyes.


And burning on the counter was a Dyptique candle in Foin Coupe (new mewn hay) ($60.00). After all, a guy’s gotta relax.


There was one product that I couldn’t identify at all. It was a serum in a white bottle with a peach top that didn’t have any name or logo on it that I could see.

All in all, I think I could closely recreate Johnny Weir’s skin care regimen if I wanted to. Now if only I knew what sunglasses he wears. Be Good Johnny Weir airs on the Sundance Channel, Monday nights at 10:30.


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